What is Peninsula Voice?

Peninsula Voice is a social platform for community learning, conversation and engagement.

Peninsula Voice facilitates public conversations and forums to explore how our community can self-determine healthy and compassionate social outcomes for the benefit of everyone.

Peninsula Voice provides opportunities for anyone to get involved, form new relationships and make a positive contribution in our local neighborhoods. Apart from the vitality and energy of connecting with others, our members and volunteers experience personal growth through new understanding and awareness.

Making a positive contribution builds our connectedness, one relationship at a time.

Peninsula Voice Inc.

Peninsula Voice Inc. is a social movement for community, conversation and engagement. It is A-political with no affiliations whatsoever with local, State or Federal politics. It should be noted that Peninsula Voice Inc. has no relationship with the organisation known as ‘Voices of Mornington Peninsula’.

Origins of Peninsula Voice

The genesis of Peninsula Voice (PV) was developed in 2014 by four members of different Christian churches with a desire to make a positive contribution in our community. We agreed to encourage a generous spirit of heart within the community based on trust and goodwill. We decided to engage and work with as many individuals and groups as possible, both secular and non-secular to provide a social platform which would allow for this trust and goodwill to flourish.

There are many and varied challenges we all face in relationship to communities, and at times these cause social disharmony and ultimately, disconnection. It was agreed Peninsula Voice would focus on the exponential benefits and advantages that come from greater dialogue and exchange in navigating challenges.  

We see Peninsula Voice as a facilitator for conversation. PV assumes a neutral, non-political viewpoint to begin these conversations. We gather community leaders, acknowledged experts, recognised bodies and people of the community to engage and wrestle with the latest evidence based research and personal stories to gain a better understanding of social disruption. Armed with this more expanded view, to then develop and adopt healthy compassionate outcomes.

We have written a photo-based story book of the history of Peninsula Voice. Please contact us if you would like to buy a copy of ‘The First Seven Years – Peninsula Voice 2014 to 2020’ (60pages). The cost is $30 plus postage.

Peninsula Voice Values

Community: We aspire to build a more just and compassionate community.

Transformational: We value the exponential benefits that come through new learning, conversation, and engagement.

Relationships: We value the energy and life-giving power of relationships and how they strengthen our connectedness and resilience.

Contribution: We value the personal growth our members and volunteers experience through active contribution and service.  

Voices: For it is as we listen to others we grow and develop towards wellbeing, as individuals and communities.


Peninsula Voice Inc.

Peninsula Voice Inc. is an Incorporated Association (No. A0061553E) under Victorian law. Incorporated Associations are administered by Consumer Affairs Victoria. Peninsula Voice Inc. is bound by a set of procedural rules that determine governance. We report annually to Consumer Affairs Victoria.