Jacky Howgate

Committee Member

After many years as an educational leader and classroom teacher, Jacky has taken a step into life as a Classroom Assistant which is allowing her to still spend time with students which she loves, but with none of the pressures and responsibilities of being the classroom teacher.   This has also given her time to focus on her other interests, including a recent love of public speaking, taking on the role of Mornington Peninsula Chatty Café Regional Manager for the blossoming charity, “The Chatty Café”.  

She swims in the Bay and founded a group for women who take a dip every morning.  She also served on several sporting committees linked to the interests of her two grown up children.  She is writing a book about her recovery from a benign brain tumour and love for life, returning to the church after a 31 years hiatus.  She is also teaching French at a local Community House and has recently launched her own tutoring business.