Gambling Harm Training

Event held 20 October, 2021

Gambling Harm Training

On Line Training: A Cross Sector Conversation to Analyse the Interplay Between Gambling and Other Issues

This training was a follow-on to the face-to-face forum on gambling harm we held earlier in 2021.  It occurred during Melbourne’s sixth lock-down so took the form of an online zoom event.  About 92 professionals and volunteers from a wide range of helping organisations attended on line.

Gambler’s Help Southern program, based at Connect Health & Community, in partnership with Peninsula Voice and Mornington Peninsula Shire hosted a community Q&A discussion to bring greater awareness to this issue.

When it comes to gambling harm, we know it rarely occurs in isolation and people may be more likely to be access support for related issues such as family violence, drug and alcohol abuse, financial stress or legal aid.  And too often, people haven’t connected how their (or a loved one’s) gambling may be causing or exacerbating these linked issues.

We heard from a panel of experts across a range of sectors who represented just some of the services that you may not expect to be at the forefront of gambling harm; Dr Laura McCartney, Hollie Valentine, Carmel Vivien and Deb Mulqueen.  Each shared their first-hand experience of the impacts of gambling harm in the work they do.

We were also joined by members of the community with lived experiences of two brave women who told stories of recovery.

Some key messages that came out of this forum were:

  • Stories of the lived experience of people affected by gambling harm are very powerful – even in professional circles.
  • The physiology of addiction – especially the role of dopamine – explains many of the behaviours and the feelings of those suffering gambling harm.
  • Feelings of guilt, shame and stigma often overwhelm those who are vulnerable.

Thank you to our Event Partners for the evening

Mornington Peninsula Shire – Enhanced Maternal and Child Health, Connect Health – Gamblers Help Southern, Banyule Community Health – ReSPIN program, Alfred Mental and Addiction Health (AMAH), and You Group Victoria – Behaviour Change Program

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Some comments from the event