Meet the Candidates

11 May 2022

This event provided an opportunity for the public to meet the candidates for the Federal seat of Flinders before the forthcoming Federal election.

Meet the Candidates

The retirement of long-term member for Flinders and Minister for Health, Greg Hunt meant that a wide range of people, many with low public profiles nominated as candidates.  Peninsula Voice convened this free event as a public service to enable members of the public to meet the candidates in person.

It was a mature, respectful and collegiate-spirited public conversation.  This is all the more relevant because Peninsula Voice is, by design, non-partisan and a-political whose aim is to grow healthy communities through learning, conversation, and engagement.

The event was broadcast live by RPP FM radio and live streamed on a number of social media platforms. Nearly 400 people attended the event in person with 700 viewing the live broadcast.  At the time of writing, the video of the event has had 1,125 views.

The candidates who attended the forum were:

Alex Van Der End (United Australia Party), Cyndi Marr (One Nation), Chrysten Abraham (Liberal Democratic Party), Jefferson Earl (Australian Federation Party), Colin Lane (The Australian Greens), Sarah Russell (Independent), Surbhi Snowball (Australian Labour Party – substituted due to illness), Despi O’Connor (Independent)

Some comments from the evening: 

“Thank you so much to you and peninsula voices for organising the forum. 

You were all so extremely professional and lovely, I thank you all…”

 “Everything from the first-class venue, the carpark management, the no-advertising policy, ushers, candidate wranglers, crowd-whisperers, …, powerpoint mastery, bodyguards, exceptional people management and precision time-keeping and bell-ringing – to the warm, supportive smiles and solid support…”


Thank you to our Event Partners for the evening

Tracee Hutchinson, Georgia Symmons,

RPP Your Peninsula Radio,

New Peninsula Baptist Church

and Mount Martha Rotary Club.





Our media partners RPP livestreamed the event and you can hear a recording of it here.  The recording does not begin immediately.  Once you have clicked play, move the cursor along to 8 min 35 seconds, where the forum begins