New Frontiers in Helping People with Mental Illness

28th October 2016

New Frontiers in Helping People with Mental Illness

Emerging treatments for sufferers of mental health through the use of science and technology.

This event was generously hosted by Ian McCann, owner of the Mornington Cinema, allowing for an intimate showing of the 2016 Graham Clark Oration delivered by American researcher Professor Thomas Insel in Melbourne, on the emerging trends in treatment for sufferers with mental health illness, through the use of science and technology.

This event was convened for a select group of local mental health professionals, para professionals, hospital based staff, personal carers, sufferers, members of the public, mental health support services and included Peninsula Wellbeing, Ramsay Health, Beleura Hospital, Frankston City Council, Maternal and Children’s Health, Vita Health Care, Dads in Distress, Mentis Assist and the Convergence Science Network.

There was a really positive feel about the afternoon with a sense of confidence about what the future holds. The scope of mental health is both broad and complex, but there are many reasons to be hopeful – partly because there are many opportunities to improve support to those who are suffering.

Dr Sanil Rege of Vita Health Care in Mt Eliza led a discussion where there was a lot of audience participation, after which we retired to the foyer for informal discussions.

Journalist Debra Mar from RPP radio station interviewed Dr Sanil Rege and mental health sufferer, Angela Brown who attended the discussion

What We Learnt:

  • We need to understand our use of language and words as there seems no agreement across the profession on the precise words to describe mental health, mental illness, mental condition or un- wellness.
  • We need to find out what are the common misconceptions the general public has regarding mental illness.
  • Many people spoke of the stigma associated with mental illness and the need to de-stigmatise the conversation.
  • Need to find out the simple messages that the public needs to know.

Thank you to our Event Partners for the evening

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